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Disaster Survival Kit

February 5, 2010

We often don’t think about what could happen if we face disaster and just as often when it does happen we look into hindsight thinking that we should have prepared a disaster survival kit.  Disaster survival kit aka bug out bag is something that I put together in case of emergencies.  I think everyone should prepare one because you never know when you are going to need it.  I would suggest keeping the disaster survival kit aka bug out bag though out different areas of your home and your car since you don’t know when and where disaster will strike. Disaster survival kit that I prepared for myself has the following items and do understand the items that you pack will depend on what’s most important to you.  In my case it has emergency food such as oatmeal bars, swiss army knife, silver coins, first aid kit, bottle water, $200 cash, and my trusty worthy walther p22 pistol with some ammo.  Most people will have different items in their disaster survival kit ask bug out bag but that’s alright, because it’s up to each individual to decide what they need during emergencies. When preparing disaster survival kit you have to customize your disaster survival kit aka bug out bag or bug out bags or bugout bag or bugout bags…however you want to call it make sure you pack enough for everyone in your home.  Like I said you might think what I am saying about disaster survival kit is over doing it but when shit hits the fan you will realize what I am telling you is absolutely right.  I hate to see anyone in trouble because they forget or fail to follow my advice on preparing a disaster survival kit aka bug out bag.  If you get on youtube these day there are a lot of other people preparing a disaster survival kit although it is more commonly knows as bug out bag. The reason that a lot of people are preparing a disaster survival kit is because in case if any of you have been following news….we are going through a major economic collapse right now and this information can be searched on youtube and I do urge you to search for “disaster survival kit” or bug out bag.   There’s evidence to suggest that the collapse is indeed real and need to be taken serious and I urge you to search “web bot project” in youtube and watch it yourself and decide for yourselves. Best of luck to you all!